Recap of what happened this past year!

I’m back! It’s been a more than a year since my last post. A lot has happened since then (all good things!) and unfortunately, I just didn’t really have any time to write. It was my most challenging year yet but I would say it was one of the best.

So what happened?…

I got married!
Planning a wedding took a lot of my free time but it was pretty fun in retrospect, minus the emotional drainage and stress of timelines/$$$ (okay, I’m not selling it but I swear it’s not so bad). Like everyone says, it all works out and it did. It was a perfect day that went way too fast.

I changed my career!
A lot of people gave me O_O eyes when I told them I was leaving my 6-figure salary corporate consulting job where I got to occasionally travel and have fancy client dinners and almost always work from home… to become a teacher. But I also went from a job that I was not passionate about, absolutely dreaded going to work project managing or writing monotonous reports, working in a cut-throat environment… to a career where I was constantly challenged and never bored, work with people who want to collaborate to help the kids, help students get an equitable education, and get so much love from crazy but adorable kids. Teaching is f**cking hard and exhausting. It’s not a perfect system and there are a lot of moving parts to deal with. I worked harder and much longer hours my first year than I did in all my years as a consultant. But I love my job. (Plus I have summers and week long breaks during the year which is preeeeeettty awesome. But trust me – teachers need it. fo reals.)

I encourage anyone (who can financially handle it) to explore to find a job that they find a good fit. Many people like consulting and that’s fine. It just wasn’t right for me. I took a few months to explore different jobs before I found one I wanted to try. I could have absolutely hated teaching. But I tried something new.

For anyone who is interested in becoming a teacher, my advice is to volunteer in a classroom first (teaching if possible) to get a feel for it. It’s an intense path to even get to be in the classroom with handfuls of exams (which also cost monies) and courses you need to take.

If you are a career changer (non education degrees), look into fast-track programs like teaching fellowships. I considered Teach For America but I did not like that they don’t guarantee you the city you want. I did the NYC Teaching Fellows which was a 7-8 week program. After I passed the program, I was granted certification which allowed me to teach in NYC public schools while I worked on my professional license. Instead of being placed in a school, this program also allowed me to choose the schools I wanted to apply and interview for.

I’m also happy to chat with anyone who wants to learn more. Feel free to reach out.

I went back to school
Through the NYC Teaching Fellows, I was placed in a subsidized masters program. Which meant I took 2 courses at night every semester and am actually taking summer classes right now. I’ll be finished with my masters next year (in total, about a 2 year program).

I learned a heck of a lot this year but I think one of the most important take-aways from this year was… Do what makes you happy. It’s not easy but it’ll be worth it.


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