Munich, Germany (April 2017)

Hanging at the beautiful Marienplatz

I enjoyed Munich slightly a little more than Berlin. While Berlin was much more history-rich, Munich was much more of the walkable, beautifully decorated, “loved-getting-lost” kind of city. It reminded me of Prague, where every street was just so lovely to look at. We absolutely did not realize we booked our trip in Munich over Good Friday weekend so we kind of limited ourselves to doing most things on Thursday and not being able to do some things, like go to the top of St. Peter’s Church. But everything worked out and I think we saw everything we wanted to- luckily because a lot of it was just visiting public grounds.

Wednesday, Day 1

  • Berlin Hauptbahnhof -> Munich Central Station
  • Dinner at Wirtshaus zum Straubinger

Thursday, Day 2

  • Dachau Concentration Camp
  • Lunch at saray imbiss
  • Nymphenburg Palace
  • Viktualienmarkt
  • Snack at Der verrückte Eismacher und der Froschkönig (Ice Cream)
  • Dinner at Andy’s Krablergarten

Friday, Day 3 (Good Friday)

  • Breakfast at Weinhaus Schneider
  • Marienplatz
  • Munich Residence
  • St. Peter’s Church
  • Englischer Garten
  • Eisbach Wave
  • Dinner at Schnitzelwirt

Saturday, Day 4

  • Breakfast at Café Frischhut
  • Train to Frankfurt

Getting Here from Berlin

We took the ICE train. See my post about Berlin for more info on our flexi pass.


We stayed in an Air BnB which was in an awesome location but the bed was really uncomfortable. If you don’t mind waking up with a sore back, here’s the link. Maybe just check out the location and find similar places. We were in a quiet street but walkable to the Marienplatz, many stores and restaurants as well as the train system.

Getting Around Munich

Walking or U/S-bahn. Operated the same way as in Berlin. Google maps worked well. See Berlin post for more info.

Things We Did

1. Guided Tour at Dachau Concentration Camp

The “Arbeit macht frei” at the camp entrance gate means “work sets you free”. Gurl, I don’t know about that.

Very somber but important piece of history. The tour itself cost $3.50 Euro and the guide was very informative. We read from reviews to come early as English tours sell out and you can only buy it there. They have the tour in English at 11AM and 1PM everyday. More info from their website. It was very interesting, at some points a little difficult for me to digest the horrors inflicted but I think it is very important for people to learn about/from the past. Apparently every student in Munich is required to come here on a school trip at one point. This concentration camp was mainly a working camp, started off as a camp for political prisoners. It was one of the “better” camps, one that the Nazis used to “show off” how their concentration camps were – so conditions were slightly better here. Jews were usually sent off to camps outside of Germany.

2. Nymphenburg Palace

About to go find out I have to pay $ to see the inside of the palace

We only checked out the grounds that were available to the public, which was still very beautiful. To do a tour of the inside cost monies and we weren’t that interested.

3. Viktualienmarkt

This is a cool outdoor market, walkable from our Air BnB. Has lots of shopping stalls as well as food spots.

4. Marienplatz


Also walkable from our Air BnB. Just a giant plaza/town center with cool gothic styled buildings. Extremely crowded during the day, as everyone’s tour stops here. There is also a clock tower show at 11AM, 12PM and 5PM (5PM seasonal) daily to watch.

5. Munich Residence

I’m sure the inside looked much cooler.

According to Wikipedia, it’s the “former royal palace of the Wittelsbach monarchs of Bavaria”. If you go in, I believe you can take a tour of the insides. We care too much for it though.

6. St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church in the BG.

Right next to the Marienplatz, I heard this church has nice views if you want to pay to go up. We ended up going here when it was closed so it didn’t work out.

7. Englischer Garten & Eisbach Wave

Surf’s Up Dude

Beautiful garden grounds, kind of like Central Park in NYC with a surfing area. Bunch of people just line up to have their chance at riding the wave.

What We Ate

1. Wirtshaus zum Straubinger

Huge pork knuckle and servings of potato.

Good beer hall, walkable from our Air BnB. We had pork knuckle (one of the classic Bavarian meals) and beer! I don’t like beer but I wanted to be culturally immersed haha so I got a non-alcoholic beer. Still tasted like beer. Stop trying, Eileen.

2. Saray Imbiss

This is a tiny spot for doner kebabs (grilled cube meat in a pocket sandwich) near the closest train station (Dachau) by the Dachau concentration camp. Although no other hot sandwiches in my life will ever compare to doner kebab we had in Berlin at Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap, it was pretty decent for a doner kebab and cheeeeap. Win win.

3. Der verrückte Eismacher und der Froschkönig (Ice Cream)

I believe I got mango (bottom) and I forgot the top one.

This place is really popular so I knew I had to check it out. Luckily they have a stall at the Viktualienmarkt. It was hella good ice cream.

4. Andy’s Krablergarten

Huge schnitzel

Went here for dinner one night because it was decently priced with good reviews on Trip Advisor. This place was fine; food not memorable, but really good value.

5. Weinhaus Schneider

Favorite breakfast, the Bavarian breakfast.

We came here for a proper Bavarian breakfast – white sausage, pretzel and a beer. (I subbed beer for hot chocoolate, come at me). I liked the white sausage a lot and the delish Bavarian sweet mustard it came with. I liked it so much I bought a jar of it to bring back home and I use it on all my hot dogs and sausages. Yaaaaas.

6. Schnitzelwirt

German version of the mac and cheese

One of my best friends Mike told me to get käsespätzle before I left Munich and it was the last chance I got…. so I TripAdvisored for it and this place didn’t seem too bad- walkable and decently priced. Unfortunately, it was only okay- I’m sure it’s much better elsewhere. Don’t go here as I’m sure it’s a tourist trap.

7. Café Frischhut


Another place many people on the internets said not to miss and I’m glad I didn’t. Luckily they were open on Saturday morning and that was where we got breakfast. Their schmalznudel (kind of like a fancy funnel cake) was amazing.

Would love to find and explore more cities just like Munich. Until next time!

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