He Put A Ring On It & Trip Planning Tips

Hallo! Exciting things have happened since my last blog post… I got engaged! It is both super exciting and weird at the same time even though 2 months have already past since the proposal. If you’re curious as to my true thoughts on how the proposal went (knowing that I am a surprise ruiner), it went perfectly; even though we have been together for almost 10 years, I was 100% surprised when he asked on a beautiful 65 degree day, on our favorite beach during sunset. Wedding planning games have begun since then, and I’m sure I’ll be writing (or venting haha) about some of those #CHENCHALLENGES in the near future. There already has been a few.

My fiance (weird calling him that.. okay, my partner? significant other? less weird) and I also took a 8 day trip to the beautiful, history-rich lands of Germany recently, specifically Berlin, Munich, and Rhineland area/Frankfurt. It was an awesome trip filled with many firsts including renting an AirBnB place instead of a hotel, navigating the German rail and local train systems, eating German food, and driving (or in my case, being a passenger) 125mph on the autobahn.

Why Germany? Honestly, it was just fate… thanks to the flight pricing gods. We used Google Flights‘ Discover Destinations to check out which places would be cheap to fly to during specific dates. We saw that a few European cities were fairly cheap like Zurich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and used the app Hopper to track flight prices. One day, we saw Frankfurt have $450 direct round trip tickets from JFK and immediately booked it. So, that’s how we chose Germany.

Of course me being a planner, I planned out my itineraries for the trip beforehand. I used a bunch of different sources for “the best things to do in X city” but mainly from TripAdvisor and friend recommendations. I used Sygic Travel to plot all my points of interest on a map so I could group PoIs close in proximity together, then used TripHobo to plan out my day to day itinerary. I liked that Trip Hobo included suggestions on what’s in the area as well as included commute time (walking, car, train).

Before my trip, I also wanted to get a no-foreign-transaction-fee card to use abroad. I used to have the Starwood Preferred Guest AMEX (which had this and I miss dearly because it was awesome earning SPG points) but after the first free year, I couldn’t justify the $95 annual fee with my current spending habits – maybe we’ll meet again some day my friend.. Anyway, TLDR – I needed a free card that provided this benefit. There are a few no-annual-fee credit cards out there that include the no-foreign-trans-fee but I ended up going with the Charles Schwab Debit Card. I usually use cash abroad (many smaller shops and restaurants do not accept credit cards) and Schwab will reimburse any ATM fees. It is an online bank, so it is annoying that you can’t deposit cash directly and any money transfers from external bank accounts will take about 4 business days, but the customer service has been great so far, no annual fees, 1.0% interest for your checking account… it’s pretty sweet for an abroad card option. I do have to warn you that they do a hard pull on your credit (meaning their inquiry into your credit score will affect your score). So if you’re looking to get a loan in the near future, might not be a good idea to get it now. I didn’t have any problem using this card in the German ATMs BUT DO call them before your trip to notify them; I didn’t do this and I couldn’t charge anything to the card as they thought it was fraud.. ATM worked though.

I hope these few tips are helpful in planning your next trip! Stay tuned for more posts on what we did in Germany. Guten tag!


Tokyo-ish, Japan (August 2014)

A street in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Konnichiwa! Hope everyone is well! Happy Lunar New Year to all who is celebrating. I am super excited for all the delish Chinese food my family is cooking up this weekend and spending time with my fam bam…… aaaaaand of course collecting the red envelopes (hong baos). Holidays has been a lil rough on my wallet, ya feel me?

Anyways, my friend Thanmayi is heading off to Japan next month and that reminded me I needed to dig up my Japan travel guide, as I promised in my Honolulu, Hawaii post. See? I come through…. eventually.

It was my second time in Japan in 2014 (although my first time was a blur as I was younger) and thankfully I made some kind of guide and remembered mostly where I went. I love love love the Japanese culture. Have always been obsessed with the food. Intrigued in their entertainment and technology – tons of gaming (yo I used to be a DDR master… for a 10 year old), anime (naruto in Japanese obviously… ok with english subtitles), cartoons (sailor moon FTW), makeup, and J-Pop. I even aced my New York State Global History Regents by writing my essay on the Japanese Industrial Revolution. So needless to say, when I found out I was going to Japan the first time.. and even the second time, I was LIT.

Actually going to Japan and experiencing first hand their culture, their people, the FOOD (!!!) was amazing.. and kawaii. Because literally everything in Japan is kawaii (cute). 24/7. I spent some time in Tokyo but also some limited time with some cities outside(hence my title being Tokyo-ish) but if I could sum up the country in a few words from my experiences, it would be: cleanliness, efficiency, respect, technologically advanced while staying true to their roots. Tokyo is one of my absolute favorite cities to vacation; I would love to go back and explore other cities. Fortunately, we had a family friend who lived in Japan and spoke English, Chinese, and Japanese — I’ll be honest, because we had her around, we didn’t really need to communicate that much but I know others who have gone to Japan without knowing the language and have been able to get around fine. In general, Japanese people are very generous and will help you to the best of their ability. Their customer service in the service industry is top notch in my opinion.

If you can recall, this was a joint trip with Hawaii in 2014 and I went with my family of 12. We try to get everyone’s input as to what they want to do, thus, it was a packed trip with activities. We only had a little more than 4 full days there and we wanted to do A LOT. More details after the jump.

Me being kawaii 24/7 in Sanrio Puroland.

Tuesday, Day 1

  • Arrived at 2:15PM at Narita International Airport
  • Took a bus shuttle to our hotel, Keio Plaza Hotel (in Shinjuku) and checked in
  • Dinner at Tempura Restaurant near hotel (don’t remember name)
  • Walked around Shinjuku area near our hotel

Wednesday, Day 2

  • Train to Tsukiji Fish Market (absolutely my favorite part of the trip. best meal of my life here)
    • Ate a sushi breakfast, walked the shops
  • Train to Ginza, shopping at Ginza
    • Bought toys at Hakuhinkan Toy Park
  • Geisha Show at Ginza
  • Train to Asakusa Shrine
  • Sukiyaki Dinner at Yonekyu

Thursday, Day 3

  • Train/bus/tram to Hakone Mountain (for a view of Mt. Fuji)
    • Eat a black egg!
  • Tram/bus to Hakone Kowakien Yunessun (Water Park with Hot Springs)
    • Curry lunch
    • Hot Springs
    • Got our feet nibbed on by fish
  • Train back to Shinjuku
  • Dinner at Ramen Restaurant near Hotel

Friday, Day 4

  • Train/bus to Diver City Tokyo Plaza
    • Gundam Front Tokyo
  • Train to Sanrio Puroland (aka Hello Kitty World)
    • Kawaii the f out
    • Hello Kitty lunch buffet

Saturday, Day 5

  • Train to Nissin Cupnoodle Museum (my 2nd favorite part of the trip)
  • Train to Shinyokohama Ramen Museum (food court of the best ramen)
  • Train back to Shinjuku
  • Shopping in Shinjuku
  • Dinner at Sushi Go Around Restaurant in Shinjuku (don’t remember the name)
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#CHENEATSNY Omakase at Takesushi (Queens, NY)

So. Much. Heaven.

Woah, 2 posts in one week? What the heck Eileen? Yeah, yeah. For a totally good reason! I wanted to share my latest omakase experience at my favorite sushi restaurant in Queens, Takesushi. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you’ve probably seen my sushi posts from here. I seriously love coming here for affordable omakase and lunch specials. See my Yelp review here. Omakase means chef-selected courses. You leave it up to the chef and he or she will try to make you happy, usually selecting the freshest or best stuff they have on hand.

I usually come here for the $65 sushi omakase. It comes with 1 appetizer, 1 miso soup, 12 pieces of nigiri (fish with rice), and 1 roll (usually a free small dessert too!). It’s fresh. Super filling. And affordable (even though I do omakase for special events like birthdays). Swoooon as mouth waters. I’m actually trying out another omakase spot in the city this Friday that I’m super excited for. We made reservations last month, ha. Can Friday come any sooner?

I brought my parents here for my dad’s birthday recently; my mom likes hot food, and the head chef suggested us to do the omakase kappo (chef selected sushi and kitchen foods) for $80 a person. It wasn’t busy that night, so the head chef and us had great conversation throughout the night. I always try to sit at the sushi bar for omakase, as it just adds to the experience. Eating omakase here before, I’ve always sat at the sushi bar, and the head chef did talk to us, but definitely not as much as this night. Overall, I thought the sushi was awesome, per usual, and the kitchen foods were good, but I’ve had better (specifically, at Nobu 57) — but if you’re looking for that affordable sushi + kitchen food omakase experience, I’d absolutely recommend this place. For me, I’m way crazier about the fish than the kitchen food so I’ll stick to my nigiri omakase. Service, here, is almost always very pleasant. Fun fact I learned that night from the chef – in Japan, a kitchen chef is actually more skilled/valued than a sushi chef.

Here’s a food diary of what I ate – 12 courses!

Monk Liver
Horse Mackerel, Toro, and Clam Sashimi
Uni (Sea Urchin), shucked that day
Blowfish Tempura
Salmon Skin
Grilled Scallop with Mayo
Grilled Spanish Mackerel
Miso Soup
Otoro, Mackerel, Amberjack Nigiri
Clam, Jack Fish, Sweet Shrimp Nigiri (other half of plate)
Deep Fried Sweet Shrimp Head
Toro Roll
Homemade Red Bean Jelly

Yum yum yum. My favorites included obviously the fish – (fav from this lot was uni, toro, sweet shrimp), but the grilled mackerel was HELLA GOOD. The chef said it was only in season that month, and I could tell as I usually don’t like mackerel as much. Shoot. Is it Friday yet?

xoxo Eileen

Instant Pot Paleo Thai Curry Stew

Lunch today: Thai Curry Stew with Sweet Potato Noodles, Turkey, and Cabbage

Hiya! Hope everyone is well. How are we less than one week away from Christmas and less than two weeks away from 2017? How is it snowing one day, but 50 degrees the next? Why do I ask so many questions? Oh, yeah. Cuz I’m nosey. But I like to phrase it as I just love to learn 🙂

Welp, as the weather is mostly getting chillier, I’ve been craving more foods in broths. Soup. Ramen. Pho. Hot pot. Okay, nevermind – I always crave those year around, regardless of the weather. But I mean, in winter, it’s especially good. I mean like at least 50% better tasting in the winter. Because science. It just makes sense. Work has been picking up as everyone tries to finish deadlines before the holiday break; so I’ve been turning to my trusty Instant Pot for meals. It’s just so easy for me to be able to throw stuff in there and go back to work. I’m still trying to eat paleo during the week as much as I can because with the increasing year end holiday get-togethers with family/friends, I am stuffing my face enjoying tasty meals with good company and when I say enjoy, I’m not eating a freaking salad and if I am, it’s with creamy dressing and fried onion strips. #yolo

Last week, my friend Meera requested me to cook a vegetarian dish. I absolutely intend to, maybe when I have more time, but when I was making a Thai curry stew today with my Instant Pot, I totally realized that my meal could very much be vegetarian and still very tasty, even if I don’t add meat. So, I wanted to share this recipe that I’ve made many many times. Of course, it’s from Michelle over at NomNomPaleo. I’ve modified the ingredients just a bit, and it still works out. I absolutely love eating this, and have ate this for like 4 straight meals in a row in a week. I apologize if it doesn’t look very appetizing, but for me, it’s seriously good stuff.

What’s awesome about this recipe is that you can pretty much add any veggie or meat you want to the curry stew. I like to eat mine with sweet potato (it thickens the curry as it disintegrates while cooking), sweet potato noodles (I am probably ODing on carbs – sweet potatoes are allowed on paleo diets), cabbage, and turkey meatballs. You can make this vegetarian by omitting the meat. You can also eat this with cauliflower rice, or if you’re not eating paleo, real rice or noodles (yum). Read on for the link to the recipe and my modifications. Bon appetit!

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Pressure Cooker Chicken Congee

Easy homemade chicken congee

Hi! I shared my journey of making my first ever congee / Chinese rice porridge / jook (for all my Cantonese peeps out there) on my Snapchat today so I wanted to link to the recipe on my blog, just incase anyone is curious on how to do it with a pressure cooker. Congee can be cooked in many ways with a traditional stove-top, rice cooker, slow cooker, or pressure cooker. Not surprisingly, the pressure cooker will do it the fastest.

My grandma makes congee every Sunday on stove-top with bones and other good shiz and it’ll take 1 1/2 hours. Apparently, making basic congee will take 15-20 minutes in a pressure cooker. I made a simple chicken congee in about 40 minutes today since I got food poisoning 2 nights ago and wasn’t in the mood to eat anything else. 6 ingredients. Preeeetty simple and soothing = great for sick days.

Here’s the recipe I used! Instant Pot Chicken Congee by Amy + Jacky . I just cut the recipe in half to make 2 servings for myself. I might have used too much chicken drumsticks (3) but whatevs, love the protein. And also, I would try to remove the skin either before it starts cooking (not sure how it affects the taste) or immediately after before mixing in the chicken/removing the bones. I forgot about the skin and it was tricky to avoid eating it.

Bon appetit!

xoxo Eileen

Disney World – Orlando, Florida USA Part 4

The classic Cinderella Castle shot.

I hope everyone had a beautiful and stuffed Thanksgiving yesterday! How does time pass so quickly? How the heck did Thanksgiving past already, and almost at the end of 2016? What? Didn’t 2016 just start? Ugh. What do you mean I went on vacation 4 months ago and still haven’t finished writing about it?

Sorry! Work has been busy and I have been traveling for work/personal lately… so many things to do, so little time. Adulting is hard (did I forget to take my gummy vitamins today again? I don’t remember). But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, the magical world of Disney.

I think I’ve been to Disney World 5 times now. Twice as a baby/kid, three times as an adult. Ha! And I will not go back until my future kiddies want to go to Disney World. However, Disney World is such a well run machine. They do try to make it really the happiest place on earth. Yes, the rides are for kids but the overall theme, decor, staff, music, feels makes you feel like a kid again. Bless up.

Disney World is comprised of 4 theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom; and 2 water parks: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

I went to Magic Kingdom a few years ago for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and it was the cutest thing. I heard the same about Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. If you could only go to Disney one day, I’d definitely recommend trying to go during these two events. And especially if you’ve never been to any Disney park before, Magic Kingdom is the OG classic… the heart of it all. Although the event itself usually starts at 7PM, but with your event ticket, you can enter the park as early as 4PM. Many rides are still open during the event. The event is so FRIGGIN cute, even if you are not a Disney fanatic (but enjoy watching children dressed in the cutest costumes trick or treat around the park).

Anyway, I was only in Disney for 2 days and chose Magic Kingdom and Epcot for my 2 days. The company I interned for closed down Animal Kingdom for a few hours on a summer evening so that was pretty cool; they only have one coaster I believe, yet I remember that being pretty fun. Hollywood Studios only had 2 rides that are for ‘bigger’ kids: Aerosmith’s Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror but other than that, I didn’t think I would’ve wanted to spend the whole day there. I never went to the water parks so I can’t talk about those.

In this post, I’ll go into:

  • Getting from Port Canaveral to Disney World via rental car
  • Accommodations
  • Magic Kingdom and Epcot
    • Overall experience/tips
    • Favorite and least favorite attractions
    • Food
  • Disney Springs


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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

I’m going to take a break from writing about my vacation to tell y’all about my pretty sweet Monday this week. I finally got to see one of my favorites Stephen Colbert live in action… And. It. Was. AWESOME. Oh, and Mindy Kaling (!!!), who was a guest on the show that night. My gurl. Gary Owen and Sum 41 were other guests. After I snapchatted my excitement waiting in line to enter the Late Show with Stephen Colbert (LSSC) theatre, many people asked me how I got to do this. Shout out to my gurl Mallory ;-). It is so easy, but time consuming in the sense that you line up/wait for hours for a 90-min experience. Definitely worth doing at least once in your life, because Stephen is just an incredible human being and of course, always interesting to see a show production (with a chance of getting on national TV). Unfortunately, we were not allowed to do the STEPHEN STEPHEN STEPHEN chant.

You can request up to 2 free tickets at https://colbert.1iota.com/show/536/The-Late-Show-with-Stephen-Colbert per account. He has tapings Monday – Thursday (Thursday has 2 taping times as they film Friday’s show as well). So yes, I had to skip a half day of work for this, unless you’re a teacher in NYC and have Jewish and Muslim holidays off (you lucky biscuit). I’m also lucky I live in NYC that I have more flexibility on which date I want to attend, which honestly, if you’re a NYC transplant living here for only X amount of years, take a sick day and do this (DISCLAIMER IF SOMEONE FROM HR IS READING – I AM KIDDING AND DON’T CONDONE ANY NON-APPROPRIATE WORK BEHAVIOR PLZ DONT FIRE ME). I requested mine about a little less than 3 weeks in advance around 8:00PM and received a notification to confirm my tickets at 7:00AM the next day. You have to log in again to claim your tickets. Easy peasy.

I’m famous! Hi Mom!

When I went to LA last summer, I got to see CONAN (check out my experience here) and ended up with front row seats and experiencing 15 seconds of fame. It was awesome and a check off my bucket list. That was because of (1) luck, and (2) being prepared by reading tons of Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews on the show where people talked about when to get there. So obviously I did that for LSSC. Unfortunately, they changed their line up procedures very recently apparently so many reviews were kind of useless. Also, their procedures are different than what I experienced at Conan too. But a few things that remain true..

Almost famous.
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Cape Canaveral – Orlando, Florida USA Part 3

Hiya! Continuing my Orlando series, I’ll tell you what happened on Day 2, before I boarded onto the Cruise. We checked out of our hotel at Four Points, and drove to Cape Canaveral to drop off the car rental at the Avis near there. I’m almost certain that all the rental car places near Port Canaveral has a free shuttle to the Port for all the cruises. Since we had picked up the car around 9:30AM the day before, in order to stay within the “1 day” rate, we had to return it 9:30AM the day after. An important thing to know about rental car rates is that the time starts ticking once you get your car rental agreement/receipt. It doesn’t matter what your reservation time was. Each rental car place differs on the grace period, but I believe for Avis and Hertz, it is 30 minutes. So after the grace period, if you haven’t returned your car yet, they will start charging you at the disgusting hourly rate. So, we had to wake up earlier than planned and drive the 45 minutes (without traffic on Saturday morning) to Cape Canaveral. Luckily, the Avis manager working there was uber cool and when we asked him if Avis could store our luggage anywhere, he said he didn’t have space but he didn’t need our car yet so we could keep it for a few more hours at no additional charge. WOOT.

Yes, I was planned to drag my suit case around if need be. There are places to eat within walking distance around the Avis rental place so you could just wheel your stuff to one location and chill there.

Anyway, we were hungry (although a whole week of unlimited eating awaited us on the cruise) so we went to get breakfast. I yelped around of course and found Simply Delicious Cafe & Bakery with a 4.5 rating and 300+ reviews. Whaaaaaaat – pix looks good. Let’s go.

Simply Delicious Cafe & Bakery
125 N Orlando Ave
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Street parking was easy. There was a wait of 15-20 minutes for two peeps. Damn that place was busy. The portions are huge and the prices aren’t bad for the portion. I would definitely suggest sharing one plate between 2 people, especially if you’re just trying to hold your stomach over for a few hours before hitting that lido buffet ya feel me?

Banana & Nutella Stuffed French Toast
Banana & Nutella Crepe

We got a full order of the banana and nutella stuffed french toast and a nutella and banana crepe. LOL, we love nutella and banana. I think the food there is good, but not super amazing. Perhaps the other breakfast foods are good, but we both got chocolate filled dough SO that was way too overwhelmingly sweet. The amount of nutella they pump in there is just way too much. It was good for the first few bites but then I got so tired of it. Also, it’s super filling so if you’re going to try the stuffed french toast, maybe opt for the half portion (it’s $1 cheaper).

The wait for the food took a while but the waitress was friendly. You pay the bill at the counter.

After breakfast, we still had some time to kill so as my BF is a surf-enthusiast, we passed by Ron Jon Surf Shop and wanted to go in. This store is HUGE. Maybe killed about 25 minutes in there just walking around and looking at surfboards. Then, we went to Cocoa Beach for a few minutes to check out the beach. It was okay.

We wanted to head back to Avis by 12:00pm, since the Carnival cruise check in started at 12:30pm (the port is only less than 10 min away). Luckily, we got bored of the beach and just decided to go back to Avis around 11:45am. There were already cruising families lining up for the shuttle. We were the last two to fit on the shuttle that left around 12:00 and with major traffic build up around the port dropoffs, it took us like 40 minutes to actually get dropped off. My family, who arrived in Orlando that morning, had actually checked in around 12:15pm, so I’m guessing 12:30pm is a lie and you can check in earlier than that.

I’ll stop here and save all the cruise talk for another post. As always, let me know if you have any questions and thanks for reading!

xoxo Eileen

Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida USA Part 2

This is part 2 of my Orlando trip last month! Click here for part 1 and my short-versioned itinerary. Beware.. it’s a long post 🙂 How do I even choose where to cut it for a “read more”???

BF was impatient waiting for the entire “Universal” to come around.

Before I cut it, I’ll tell you the details and pics I go into in this post.

  • Getting to Orlando from New York
  • Getting to Universal Studios Area from MCO
  • Accommodations
  • Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventures
    • Overall experience/tips
    • Favorite and least favorite attractions
    • Food
  • Emeril’s Tchoup Chop Restaurant

Woot, have fun reading 😛

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Orlando, Florida USA (August 2016) Part 1


My “big” vacation this year was a 8-day, 7-night Carnival cruise around the Caribbean that ported in Port Canaveral, Florida with my family of 18. Cruises, in my opinion, are the best, least stressful option for big group vacationing.. but I enjoy cruises regardless of the number of people going. While the more the merrier mentality goes here, it’s also even better when you have good company (but that’s true for literally any trip or life situation haha). I’ve heard horror stories before where people who originally had flights the morning of embarkation had flights cancelled or delayed or whatever and made them miss boarding the ship. I don’t think it happens frequently, but it does happen and was something to be aware of. Thus, many cruise forums suggested that people who had to fly into port, fly in the day before just incase. For me, it was an excuse to extend my vacation another day so I planned to fly in a day before, and also stay a few days after to make this flight to Orlando really worth it. (The rest of my family flew the first flight into MCO the day of (arrival around 9:30AM) and actually made it onto the ship before I did.) Now I’ve been to Orlando every single year for the past 4 years thanks to my job, so I went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure twice, and Universal Studios Florida, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios once as an adult. The kid in me didn’t mind going again, especially since the BF hasn’t gone to the newer Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Diagon Alley) in the original Universal Studios yet and I haven’t gone to Epcot as an adult. SO! It was set. “We’re going to Disneyland World (and Universal Studios)!!!” I’ll go into my cruise experience in a later post but for now, here’s my short-version itinerary for the Florida portion:

Day 1 – Friday

  • LGA -> MCO (6:30AM -> 9:05AM)
  • Pick up car rental at Avis Counter at MCO
  • Drive and check into Four Points by Sheraton Orlando International Drive (3,000 SPG points)
  • Walk to Universal Studios Florida
  • Rides
  • Lunch at The Simpsons Fast Food Boulevard (World Expo)
  • Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley
  • Rides
  • Walked to Royal Pacific Hotel to eat dinner at Emeril’s Tchoup Chop
  • Took ferry back to Universal Studios
  • Watch parade and go on one more ride

Day 2 – Saturday

  • Check out of Four Points
  • Drive to Cape Canaveral to drop off Avis car rental
  • Cool Avis manager says we can keep the car for a few more hours without extra charge
  • Eat breakfast at Simply Delicious Cafe & Bakery
  • Walk around Ron Jon Surf Shop and Cocoa Beach
  • Return car at Avis and take free shuttle to Port Canaveral

Day 2 (Saturday) to Day 10 (Sunday)

  • #CaribbeanCruiselife (to be written about in later post)

Day 10 – Sunday

  • Cruise ship disembarkation at 8:30AM, free shuttle to Avis Car Rental
  • Drove to Lake Buena Vista and returned car at Avis
  • Walked to Disney Springs to find free bus to Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel (10,000 SPG points)
  • Checked in to hotel
  • Took bus to Magic Kingdom Park from hotel
  • Ate lunch at Casey’s Corner (Main Street, U.S.A.)
  • Rides
  • Waffle break at Sleepy Hollow (Liberty Square)
  • Rides
  • Took bus to Disney Springs
  • Dinner at Earl of Sandwich
  • Walked around Disney Springs

Day 11 – Monday

  • Took Friendship boat to Epcot
  • Breakfast at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie (France)
  • Oh you know, just roamin’ the world
  • Taco Break at La Cantina De San Angel (Mexico)
  • More world explorin’
  • Rides
  • Dinner at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (Norway)
  • Watch Chinese acrobats perform (China)
  • Watch Illuminations/Fireworks show (watched in Italy)

Day 12 – Tuesday

  • Check out hotel
  • Uber to MCO airport
  • Lunch at Panda Express (really the only thing I crave for in airports)

I’m going to break this into separate posts per day / theme park and hopefully remember to link it back to this post for easy access. Looking forward to sharing more details on this trip!

xoxo Eileen