Strawberry Green Tea Layer Cake

The finished product!

As mother’s day is coming up next week, my two friends and I were talking about what we’re getting our moms. As we’re all 20-somethings now, we’ve been encountering the difficulty of getting gifts for our parents for various occasions. What do we get someone that has everything and could buy it themselves?? No more cutesy finger painted hands on paper gifts appropriate from a 5 year old. Now we care about practicality and not buying something totally useless that will collect dust. Is it a visit back to the parents home enough? What about those overly expensive Edible Arrangements baskets? Flower delivery? Something they love like cooking utensils? But then if they loved it, they would already have it. With at least 3 possible gift-giving holidays a year for someone (mother’s/father’s day, birthday, christmas), what can a gal do?!

I’m still trying to figure this out. I normally would treat them to a nice dinner for their birthday, but this year, for my mom’s birthday, I baked her a cake. The asian palette typically does not like overly sweet, including my mom. Unfortunately, many bakeries evidently pack on that sugar; so, instead of buying a cake, I decided to make one!

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Banana Bread with Walnuts for Thanksgiving

Overall Score: 15/15

I made this treat for Thanksgiving this year and it was scrumptious. Best part was that compared to other banana bread recipes, it was the most simple and required the least ingredients. Lucky for me this year (I used to make banana bread but with recipes that did require random ingredients that I was only going to use a few tablespoons of and do not regularly cook with.. like sour cream? I’m asian. We don’t use sour cream.), I found this recipe on Epicurious and the bread turned out moist (eek does anyone else cringe at that word but don’t know how to replace it?), mildly sweet, and if anything else, it made the house smell SO GOOD.

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