Cauliflower Salmon Sushi Roll

Healthy and delicious spin on one of my favorite foods

I am obsessed with sushi. Always have been since it was introduced into my life when I was a child. Unfortunately, most sushi rolls at restaurants are deceptively pretty unhealthy with it’s made with sugary rice vinegar, a heaping amount of white rice, and any additional deep-frying, spicy mayo lathering, or eel sauce drizzle (is anyone salivating besides me right now?!). Fortunately, there’s the replacing rice with cauliflower option at home, which can save you a bunch of calories and carbs when you’re trying to eat healthier.

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Turkey Burger with Cauliflower Buns

This ain’t no In N Out, but it won’t clog your arteries!

DAMN I LOVE CARBS. But during the week, I try not to eat processed foods or complex carbohydrates. I limit my intake of simple carbohydrates (because you still need them but not too much), so any type of whole-grain bread, pasta, or brown rice is a no no for me during the week. This recipe for the cauliflower buns is something I recently discovered, and have been serving my taste buds verrrrrry well.

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Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice

Chicken fried cauliflower rice! New favorite veggie hack. (I hate vegetables and I’m trying to find any way to sneak them in deliciously… Sorry zucchini noodles- not completely on board!)

I know I usually post the recipe but I kind of made this one up before and during my cooking so I’m not exactly sure of my measurements. But what’s great about this is that it’s really up to you what you want your “fried rice” to have!

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