Instant Pot Paleo Thai Curry Stew

Lunch today: Thai Curry Stew with Sweet Potato Noodles, Turkey, and Cabbage

Hiya! Hope everyone is well. How are we less than one week away from Christmas and less than two weeks away from 2017? How is it snowing one day, but 50 degrees the next? Why do I ask so many questions? Oh, yeah. Cuz I’m nosey. But I like to phrase it as I just love to learn 🙂

Welp, as the weather is mostly getting chillier, I’ve been craving more foods in broths. Soup. Ramen. Pho. Hot pot. Okay, nevermind – I always crave those year around, regardless of the weather. But I mean, in winter, it’s especially good. I mean like at least 50% better tasting in the winter. Because science. It just makes sense. Work has been picking up as everyone tries to finish deadlines before the holiday break; so I’ve been turning to my trusty Instant Pot for meals. It’s just so easy for me to be able to throw stuff in there and go back to work. I’m still trying to eat paleo during the week as much as I can because with the increasing year end holiday get-togethers with family/friends, I am stuffing my face enjoying tasty meals with good company and when I say enjoy, I’m not eating a freaking salad and if I am, it’s with creamy dressing and fried onion strips. #yolo

Last week, my friend Meera requested me to cook a vegetarian dish. I absolutely intend to, maybe when I have more time, but when I was making a Thai curry stew today with my Instant Pot, I totally realized that my meal could very much be vegetarian and still very tasty, even if I don’t add meat. So, I wanted to share this recipe that I’ve made many many times. Of course, it’s from Michelle over at NomNomPaleo. I’ve modified the ingredients just a bit, and it still works out. I absolutely love eating this, and have ate this for like 4 straight meals in a row in a week. I apologize if it doesn’t look very appetizing, but for me, it’s seriously good stuff.

What’s awesome about this recipe is that you can pretty much add any veggie or meat you want to the curry stew. I like to eat mine with sweet potato (it thickens the curry as it disintegrates while cooking), sweet potato noodles (I am probably ODing on carbs – sweet potatoes are allowed on paleo diets), cabbage, and turkey meatballs. You can make this vegetarian by omitting the meat. You can also eat this with cauliflower rice, or if you’re not eating paleo, real rice or noodles (yum). Read on for the link to the recipe and my modifications. Bon appetit!

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Pressure Cooker Chicken Congee

Easy homemade chicken congee

Hi! I shared my journey of making my first ever congee / Chinese rice porridge / jook (for all my Cantonese peeps out there) on my Snapchat today so I wanted to link to the recipe on my blog, just incase anyone is curious on how to do it with a pressure cooker. Congee can be cooked in many ways with a traditional stove-top, rice cooker, slow cooker, or pressure cooker. Not surprisingly, the pressure cooker will do it the fastest.

My grandma makes congee every Sunday on stove-top with bones and other good shiz and it’ll take 1 1/2 hours. Apparently, making basic congee will take 15-20 minutes in a pressure cooker. I made a simple chicken congee in about 40 minutes today since I got food poisoning 2 nights ago and wasn’t in the mood to eat anything else. 6 ingredients. Preeeetty simple and soothing = great for sick days.

Here’s the recipe I used! Instant Pot Chicken Congee by Amy + Jacky . I just cut the recipe in half to make 2 servings for myself. I might have used too much chicken drumsticks (3) but whatevs, love the protein. And also, I would try to remove the skin either before it starts cooking (not sure how it affects the taste) or immediately after before mixing in the chicken/removing the bones. I forgot about the skin and it was tricky to avoid eating it.

Bon appetit!

xoxo Eileen

Pressure Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

Ooooooh weeeeeee. Love me some good pulled pork.

Hi! So, I know the BBQ weekends are in the past now that we’ve somewhat said hey to the Fall weather (but it’s 90 again today.. what) but no need to pout! I was craving for some of that sweet bbq soft meat and of course looked to Google and my Instant Pot to get started. I found this easy and simple recipe, Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork by it’s Peachy Keen, and was set on my #bbqgoals. BTW, this is recipe can be made paleo very easily if you substitute the oil and make your own paleo BBQ sauce. If the BBQ sauce is too time consuming, the meat tastes great without the BBQ sauce.

From the recipe, all you need are: pork roast, any spices you want, 1/4 cup of vegetable oil, 2 cups of chicken stock or water, and BBQ sauce (optional)

I used 5ish lbs of pork shoulder which included the bone and a lot of fat, ground black pepper, Magic Mushroom Powder from nomnompaleo, 1/4 cup of extra light tasting olive oil, 2.5 cups of chicken stock, and Sweet Baby Ray’s Original BBQ sauce. I believe this made for about 6 pulled pork sandwich servings. I also just bought normal potato rolls and toasted them in the toaster for that extra “grilled” feel. I need to get a George Foreman grill again… mine broke recently 😦 But I’m glad I have my trusty instant pot.

TIP: Do NOT buy an oversized pork shoulder unless you have some serious butcher tools in your kitchen. My local grocery store only had 7.5 lbs left that day and I stupidly bought it thinking I could cut it myself in half. UHHHH it took me probably a good 20-25 minutes to “shave off” 2 lbs with a long kitchen knife since the bones do not lay right across parallel from each other. Also, the pork shoulder was a little frozen so it was harder for me to cut. I gave up and tried to jam the remaining pork shoulder into my instant pot.. poor thing. I would say buy only up to 4 lbs to be safe that it’ll fit in your pot. Some pictures of my journey for your amusement…

This is the result of me trying to massacre this piece of meat. Call me butcher Chen.
After being cooked in the instant pot, I put it on a cookie sheet so that when I “pulled” the pork, the juices wouldn’t spill out.
With the help of my boyfriend who “learned how to pull the pork from randomly watching food network” (yeah I was surprised too). Wait for the meat to cool off, then use a fork to just stretch it away from the bigger piece.

Bon appetit!

And if anyone out there is still wondering, yes I do eat the paleo chocolate mug cake every. single. morning. It’s still delish for me.

xoxo Eileen

Pressure Cooker Korean Short Ribs (Instant Pot!)

The finished product!

Hope everyone had an awesome July 4th holiday weekend! Last Friday, I had the day off and decided to finally use my long awaited Instant Pot to cook up something good (and healthy, since I knew I was going to eat some tasty not-so-healthy food that weekend). I trust Michelle Tam from Nomnompaleo with my cooking life and knew I had to go for one of her recipes. I perused the Slow Cooker / Pressure Cooker section of her recipe index and finally decided on the Slow Cooker Korean Grass Fed Short Ribs recipe due to the number of ingredients I had on hand. I made some substitutions and had to buy two things, but generally, had most of the ingredients. I would love to try so many recipes on my Paleo Pinterest board but seriously, would never get myself to buy so many extra ingredients that I don’t use in my daily cooking routine.

So, what was the verdict? Soft, tender, fall-off-the-bone goodness! The asian flavors were there but not overwhelming. THANK YOU MICHELLE TAM AND INSTANT POT. The perfect duo. It was very easy to make, and I would say not very time-consuming as I originally thought. I think it took me 10-15 minutes to prep, 10 minutes in the broiler, and ~60 minutes in the Instant Pot (~10 min for pot to reach high pressure then 50 min to cook). And the results will make you think you’re a legit chef.

So here’s a modified recipe, majorly thanks to the comments section of the recipe page.

I totally recommend reading the comments section of every recipe (if available) since the author or other people who’ve made it may give great tips!

Pressure Cooker Korean Short Ribs
Original recipe: Nomnompaleo’s Slow Cooker Korean Grass Fed Short Ribs

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